Hello, so grateful for your presence and willingness to begin shaping our community! 

After these past few months, getting to see the same beautiful souls show up to the weekly calls, it was clear we are all on this path together and could benefit on strengthening our connections.

Please take a moment to learn how to use this community forum:

  • This is designed to be similar to Facebook, with the ability to see a feed of activity
  • To the left is All Topics, where you'll find discussions sorted by topic
  • When you create a new Discussion post, click "Add Topics" and tag the appropriate topic
  • You can add secondary tags if they are relevant
  • Before creating a new discussion, check the Topic and see if it has been create previously. This will help prevent duplicate discussions.

Example: After attending a workshop and want to discuss, create a new Discussion, title it "Cacao & Moon Wisdom", then share for others to add to.

  • You can add photos, links, and so forth to each discussion.
  • If you want to ask a question, click the Question option next to Discussion. Be sure to tag the question appropriately.


This is a safe space for all to share their perspectives, wisdoms, and questions. Please refrain from any judgments, or attacks, as of course this will not be tolerated.