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Personal Shares
Personal Shares

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Amor Amor Amor

Here is the song that Zia sang during the cacao ceremony. It's a Rainbow Gathering song called Amor Amor Amor (not many videos of it available)


amor amor amor
traes amor amor amor
amor amor amor
traes amor

fuego, yo canto para ti
lleva, me alma

love, love. . .

fire, I sing to you,
to lead me to my soul

You can follow Zia on Instagram @ZiaRay (she has other music)

The Elements

What a beautiful ceremony. I am enjoying deepening my connection and understanding of the elements. I took a couple notes (below) on what Nana Marina had shared as we moved through each.

I wondered if anyone else wanted to contribute, from what Nana Marina shared, and also perhaps the various traditions?

Sacred Fire - We carry, in our heart beat, blood, heat, in our bodies, in our spirit... strength, happiness... dances, send messages...

Mother Earth - Mother, Our Body, Nourishment, Planting Seeds, Abundance; Our journey here on Earth

Sacred Waters - First Four Waters, First Four Abuelas - Rivers, Lakes,... (More)

Personal Shares

Sing The Water Song