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Personal Shares
Personal Shares

Use this section to introduce yourself and share what you could use support with, or are interested in.

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Personal Shares

Sing The Water Song

👋✨ Let's Introduce Ourselves!

Hola! Here are some things to share to get to know each other...

  • Where are you from? Current location?
  • What are you looking forward to in being part of this community?
  • What brings you endless amounts of joy?
  • What’s one thing that may surprise us to learn about you?

    Bonus: You may upload a photo of you or something you love  😊

Amor Amor Amor

Here is the song that Zia sang during the cacao ceremony. It's a Rainbow Gathering song called Amor Amor Amor (not many videos of it available)


amor amor amor
traes amor amor amor
amor amor amor
traes amor

fuego, yo canto para ti
lleva, me alma

love, love. . .

fire, I sing to you,
to lead me to my soul

You can follow Zia on Instagram @ZiaRay (she has other music)